1. Faster and More Accurate Inspections

Filling out inspections on paper takes time, typing them up into a report takes even longer.   When you go mobile, inspections are quicker. Why?

  • Smart touch controls interactively and intuitively help your staff score, rate or assess.
  • Annotated photos make observations instantly clear to others
  • Pre-populated fields with basic information, allowing employees to skip to more advanced information
  • Automatic, professional PDF reports customised with your branding, ready to share inside and outside your organisation immediately.

With less time needed for inspecting and reporting, your employees can focus on other duties to help your hotel run smoothly.

2. Never lose an inspection again

Have you struggled with inspection reports disappearing? Easily lost or damaged, paper inspections can be dropped, left in someone else's office, damaged by a cup of tea or lost in an endless in-tray.

Going mobile with a rugged smartphone or tablet protects against data loss by safely delivering reports straight to email inboxes, safe from spilt coffee and bottomless filing cabinets. 

3. Evidence Your Inspections Actually TOOK PLACE

With paper forms, how do you know that an inspection actually happened? It’s easy to simply complete a paper form and not even walk the floor.  Going mobile, it's easy to validate this:

  • Include annotated that not only make your observations instantly clear to others but also serve as visual evidence.
  • Automated time and date stamps from the start of inspection.
  • Secure time stamped PDF reports, signed by the inspector and ready for annual audits.
  • Integrate NFC tagging to ensure that vital locations have been visited.

4.  Going Green

Sustainable and responsible travel has gone from a nice-to-do to a must do. 

As a hotel, there are various ways to help the environment. Perhaps you have a linen reuse policy, implement saving water measures, recycle and use energy efficient lighting and appliances. Cutting down on your consumption of paper is also a great way to also help the environment.

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Featured Image by Johnathan Haeber licensed under Creative Commons and edited by Rugged Data