Samsung Galaxy K Zoom: the smartphone-camera hybrid perfect for high quality image data capture

Is photography and high image quality important for your mobile workforce? If your employees are struggling to take good images using their current smartphones, or if they are currently carrying a separate camera in addition to their mobile phone, then the Samsung K Zoom could revolutionise the efficiency of your field operations. So why are we so excited? The new Samsung K Zoom is a smartphone-camera hybrid built on Android KitKat 4.4 (at launch).  It features 20.7MP, full HD Video capability, a decent Xenon flash and significantly, an enhanced zoom function.

Your average smartphone uses digital zoom, which essentially works the same as cropping and enlarging a photo in photo editing software. This type of zoom results in a loss of quality and image resolution because the image is simply being enlarged without and extra details or pixels being added.

The K Zoom features an optical zoom which is a ‘true zoom’, where the lens physically zooms in and out to give zoom with actual lens adjustments.  This results in incomparably improved zoomed image quality.

Another key feature worth a special mention is the flash, another area where a tradition smartphone can struggle with image quality. The K Zoom integrates a proper Xenon Flash, which is key to taking photos under all light conditions, however fast moving your subject.

Here at Rugged Data, the management of images and videos in business workflows is one of the most common reasons our customers seek our help.  Site surveys, estate agencies, audits and inspections… many industries face the same difficulty of trying to efficiently aggregate different types of data, including images. Of course accidentally deleting images or losing cameras does happen however, on a day to day basis, a bigger cost is the time expended dealing with the volume, filing, emailing and association of data such as photographs, video and mapping with other notes or information.  In some organisations a workflow process has never really been established, and some employees are left trying to figure out how to handles all of this information on their own, with varying levels of success.

Rugged Data is a powerful android application that is designed to make internal business communication efficient and therefore less expensive.  Do you need to perform audits, checks, safety inspections, vehicle checks, examinations or sign for deliveries….or gather almost any other form of data for almost any purpose? Well that’s what Rugged Data is for, and it runs on low cost android devices.

Rugged Data makes use of all the input features of a phone or tablet including camera, video, voice, NFC and barcoding. It can also make use of Bluetooth accessories or printers and can integrate with other applications such as navigation, maps or other workforce management tools.  We are continually developing our product to make the best use of available technology and your future business needs.