Rugged Data invited to present at the inaugural Borough of Poole Green PEA scheme user group meeting

The Green PEA scheme is an innovative environmental certification scheme with an emphasis on companies taking a proactive approach to reduction of their carbon emissions. It provides companies with a simple review of their business from an energy cost perspective, and then offers suggestions to help the business save money on their energy usage. More information can be found here.

Helen Craig and Tom Edge from Rugged Data were delighted to provide Green PEA scheme members with some inspiration for reducing paper and e-waste in their businesses. When it comes to reducing business carbon emissions, conserving resources and reducing waste is a great place to start.  

It can help reduce your company’s environmental impact with little or no compromise. In fact, at Rugged Data we believe that there are great benefits to going paperless including increased sustainability, productivity and security

There really is little excuse for being buried under paper in the office these days. There are some great, affordable tools to digitise the way that you work. Helen and Tom gave a quick overview of how we use Evernote, Lastpass, Adobe Echosign and Google Apps in our business (covered in more detail in this blog post) to reduce our waste.

At Rugged Data we’ve been hard at work making a software solution to end paper forms. If you use any paper forms in your business we can replace them electronically with a customised app for your business that gets data where it needs to be immediately.

However this is only the start of what we can do, we can unlock the full suite of sensors and functions of a modern smartphone and convert it into valuable business data. We can produce software, at minimal cost, that simply hasn’t been available on business grade hardware before.

Rugged Data software helps your business work smarter and reduce paper use.

The rugged devices that we work with at Rugged Data are built for business use not only in tough environments, but also protect against everyday use. They’re waterproof and provide increased protection against drops onto hard surfaces, dust ingress and extreme temperatures. Therefore, by using appropriate equipment that is designed to last, you can make a significant impact on reducing electronic waste.

Banner Image By Bill Ebbesen (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons