New feature release: Always be ready to print

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In the office most work and correspondence is completed on a computer however for many businesses these office based productivity tools don’t extend to operations out of the office where WiFi or mobile data connectivity cannot be guaranteed.  Paperwork in the field is commonly completed by hand and requires additional data entry at a later time in the office.  Simplifying and automating these business processes can save time and money, helping your entire operation get business done anywhere, anytime.  

Today we’re excited to announce wireless printing on demand as part of our core product at Rugged Data.  Successful mobile printing depends upon convenient and intuitive applications for workers to follow. Rugged Data can help you deploy mobile solutions that are easy to operate and designed for work in the field, whether that is at a customers property, on a building site or even around your own site - wherever and whenever you need it.

Wireless printing delivers benefits for mobile work

Companies that replace handwritten forms with android smartphones, tablets and printers for their field service operations, sales and deliveries are typically able to serve more customers within a working day. This can produce revenue gains and enable expansion without increasing your workforce.  These apps also produce near real time electronic data, minimising administrative operations in the office and speeding up the billing cycle.

Provide the ability to print exactly when and where the material is needed can benefit different operations such as:

  • Leaving documentation with your clients

  • Producing site inspections on the go

  • Meeting legal and legislated requirements

  • Receipts, tickets or order forms

  • Barcodes and labelling solutions

  • Remote working

  • Queue busting mobile sales in a retail environment

Please contact us for more information about Rugged Data’s solutions and the freedom to print wherever you go