Introducing the Panasonic Toughpad FZ-X1 Rugged Android Phablet

 Panasonic Toughpad-FZ-X11 Phablet for field operations.

The future of rugged enterprise mobility - Smaller, Tougher, Game Changing

Panasonic, an industry leader in reliable mobile computing since 1996, announced the launch of it's 5 inch Android 4.2.2 phablet last week. With 4G voice and data connectivity, and a WiFi only version, this device is purpose built for mobile professionals such as emergency services, logistics, field services, manufacturing and mobile utilities.

So what's so game changing?  

This is the first android device we have seen from one of the giants of mobile computing that runs on a non-legacy version of Android. It brings with it a new level of enterprise functionality and ruggedness which has so far not been seen in consumer or rugged devices running newer versions of Android.

It's all about batteries and charging.

Significantly, the Toughpad FZ-X1 has 14 hour hot swappable batteries, which means that you can change the batteries without turning the device off. Docking charging connectors eliminate the need for fiddly microUSB leads and remembering to securely close rubber seals for watertight integrity.  These features have been standard in windows mobile devices for many years and are key durability enablers for mobile workers who regularly get in and out of vehicles.  At Rugged Data we believe that continues to strengthen Android as an enterprise mobility rival to windows mobile, providing Panasonic has a strategy for keeping the Android OS updated via Firmware Over The Air (FOTA).

Toughpad FZ-X1 technical specification highlights: Withstands 10 foot drops onto concrete; Operating temperature range of 18 to 55 degrees C (using built in heater); IP65, IP68 and beyond MIL-STD-810G; Submersible in 5 feet of water for 30 minutes;  Sunlight readable HD 10 point capacitive touchscreen; Compatible with heavy gloves and wet finger operation; Options for NFC, 1D and 2D integrated barcode scanner; Standalone GPS; Integrated noise cancelling microphone, and dual front speakers with max volume 100dB (about as loud as an average home stereo); Enhanced security features; 3 programmable hotkeys; Comprehensive 3 year warranty.

The Panasonic Toughpad FZ-X1 is not made for the casual smartphone consumer but for businesses that need to purchase top of the range devices that can last a long time, are well supported and will survive punishing use in the harshest of mobile working environments. The company will sell a WiFi-only version of the FZ-X1 in August in the US for the list price of $1,799, along with one that can handle mobile broadband data for $1,849. Panasonic won't release a version of the FZ-X1 that can handle phone calls until January 2015. Its price will be $1,899.  We've not yet heard the launch date for the UK, but we will keep you updated.

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