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Mobile technology is now a practical and affordable option for businesses of all sizes and it’s reinventing how businesses operate.  

Over recent years the use of consumer apps has exploded and they have conditioned people to expect simple and intuitive experiences.

Apps with tens of features that are irrelevant to your business won’t be useful to your team.  Remember, mobile apps are designed to be used on very small screens, so they shouldn’t be as complex as software that runs on a desktop computer.  Your team won’t want to stumble through using clumsy apps.

Let’s face it, complex things tend to break down quite quickly so the key to successful business apps is to keep them simple.

Larger corporations have always used software to get and stay ahead.  However, in the past it was expensive to design, build, deploy, and maintain. There was little room for error and great care had to be taken to get it right first time.

Today companies don’t need the uncertainty and investment risk of designing, building, testing and evaluating bespoke software. Enterprises are embracing mobile apps that can be quickly configured to capture your company-specific data and deliver features that grow with your business. They can can help you pilot ideas, gain feedback and refine your business processes all whilst keeping the cost, time frame and risk low.

The Rugged Data team have worked within industrial data capture and enterprise mobility space since the 80s.  We aim to deliver simple and elegant tools that help people do what they need to do, whenever and wherever they need to get work done.

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