Business Improvement through Technology

Do “more with less” or “less with less”? How would you like to run your business? Your business may use dozens of business processes every day, or maybe just have a couple. If you run an operation you’re likely to dependent on two things.  Your People - your employee’s skills and capabilities. Your Business Processes - what you do and the way you do it

How about we just do less?

Of course getting technology right for your business is important. However, in to use technology successfully, perhaps focus should first be placed on modelling, improving and establishing successful business processes. Do you really need that process step – or could you cut it out? Could you use barcoding, GPS, NFC or photos with mark-up to be more efficient? Do Less with less. When everyone follows a well-tested set of steps, there are fewer errors and delays, less duplicated effort and employees and customers feel more satisfied.


Here at Rugged Data we believe that technology firmly takes a supporting role in business.  Once the process as efficient as any limitations at that time allow, we help make it compliant with a B2B mobile app that is customised specifically for your business processes.  Efficiency and compliance go hand in hand. If your business processes need to change in the future no problem, your application can evolve with you. We understand that process improvement is fundamental to successful businesses.  We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel, we help with incremental and supported continuous improvement over time.

Leading staff through change.

Technology is changing the way we live all the time.  The proliferation of personal smartphones and tablets means we now engage with technology on a minute by minute basis. We expect to find information anytime, anywhere. Your staff don’t use smartphones? That’s ok, we feel that there are bigger recent drivers for the adoption of self-service mobile technology. Over the last year we’ve seen major rollouts of self-scan in supermarkets using mobile scanners or fixed payment points, and more recently the wide roll out of Amazon parcel lockers. As consumers we’re now being driven to use efficient, technology enhanced business processes on a daily basis. These changes in the way we live will help you drive the adoption of technology in your business.

Rugged Data Mobile Business Apps

At Rugged Data we make it easy for the staff to work with mobile technology they understand from their everyday lives.  Work how you live. As our apps are customised specifically for your business we can work with you to make sure that it is suitable for your team and your companies business processes.

Worried about how much it might cost and how long it would take? Try us you might be surprised. We have spent a long time developing a frame work that allows us to quickly and cost effectively create B2B mobile apps for single man businesses upwards.  Our customers find that the efficiency they realised means the app often pays for itself very quickly.

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