7 Ways An Internal Business App Boosts Productivity

2 minute read

When businesses think about getting their own app made they often think about this as a way to engage their customers by offering services to customers on the go. Mobile apps can be very effective marketing and sales tools and it makes sense to evaluate them for these purposes.

However, it’s also worth thinking about apps that your own staff might use to be more productive.  Companies are increasingly turning to mobile apps, bespoke to their business, to help their internal processes run more efficiently. Here we take a look at 7 ways an internal business app helps your team do more, faster, with less.

Do more

1. Reduce the administrative burden associated with transcribing handwritten notes, forms and photographs into reports.  Simplifying your employees reporting process with a custom app can help you maximise your employees’ efficiency and help you get more work done.

2. Happier staff who feel efficient are more productive.  Employees are now expecting business software to have the same look and feel as their consumer app experience, so the more intuitive apps are to use, the more they will be used.

Be faster

3. Impress your customers with faster service, fewer errors and a more professional service by equipping your team to deliver your brand experience in a standardised way.  If required, engage your customers with near-real time data and reporting.

4. Outperform your competitors by delivering a more responsive service.

5. Be ready for tomorrow with an app framework that allows you to deploy new business processes quickly, in a format that your employees already understand, giving you a mechanism to react quickly to new opportunities.

With Less

6. Leverage your investment in mobile hardware by maximising the use of smartphones and tablets that you already have or are about to invest in. Help your team do more than access their emails and calendar by providing them with a business app that supports your internal processes.

7. Innovate the way you innovate by implementing a mechanism that supports continuous improvement and makes process refinement easy to implement and less risky.