How one hotel decreased their monthly health and safety inspection time by 75%


Rugged Data's mobile app platform makes it easy for hotel owners and managers to carry out their hotel's routine security and safety inspections, automatically generating branded PDF inspection reports, saving time and resources.


  • 75% reduction in time taken to complete walk around inspection and paperwork (From 8 to 2 hours)

  • 50% reduction to time taken to complete paperwork inspection (From 1 hour to 30 minutes)

  • Inspection report shared in near real time with maintenance and duty manager teams immediately informed of any issues that require action, improving the maintenance quality and safety.

  • Improved communication with senior management.

Mobile forms used

  • Monthly Hotel Walk around Inspection

  • Monthly Audit of Hotel Reception Paperwork


FJB Hotels is a family-owned group of four individual and stylish hotels situated along the gorgeous South coast of England, three of which are perched on the beautifully exclusive and world famous Sandbanks Peninsula.

Ensuring their hotels are a safe and healthy environment for their guests and their employees is key to FJB’s success and reputation. Scheduled inspections are the bedrock of safety management, keeping check on good housekeeping, general safety standards and obvious hazards. They also provide an opportunity for managers to proactively demonstrate their commitment to achieving a safe and healthy workplace.

Health and Safety Management at FJB Hotels

As the Health and Safety manager for FJB’s 4 busy hotels, Emma Norman conducted her monthly safety walk arounds taking handwritten notes and photos on a digital camera where needed.  On returning to the office she typed these notes into a spreadsheet,  colour coded individual cells to identify priority and saved the camera images for future reference.

Sometimes she was not able to complete the administration until several weeks after the walk around inspection. In the past it took her nearly a day to type up a neat report to inform senior hotel management and save for the hotel’s annual external audit. This meant that by the time staff, duty managers and senior managers received the information it was often no longer relevant. Emma was also using valuable time typing up notes, something that was hat she could use to focus on  


In September 2014, FJB addressed this business challenge by turning to Rugged Data.  Using their innovative app platform, Rugged Data built an app for FJB so that Emma could complete her monthly walkaround inspection on her Android tablet.

With Rugged Data she can:

  • Follow a checklist to ensure the business process is consistent every time, but with the flexibility to add additional information when she needs to.

  • Annotate photos to make her observations instantly clear to others.

  • Use smart touch controls to quickly and intuitively assess what she sees, prioritising issues with traffic light colour coding to direct duty managers and maintenance teams appropriately.

  • Automatically produce a professional PDF report, customised with FJB branding  ready to share inside their organisation immediately.


FJB Hotels has seen dramatic results from the switch including:

1. Faster and More Accurate Inspections

Filling out inspections on paper takes time, and typing them up into a report takes even longer.   When you go mobile inspections are quicker. With less time needed for inspecting and no staff time wasted transcribing reports. Employees can focus on other duties to help your hotel run smoothly. In addition issues are identified and dealt with faster, improving the safety culture and customer experience within the hotel.

2. Never lose an inspection again

Have you struggled with inspection reports disappearing? Going mobile with a rugged smartphone or tablet protects against data loss by safely delivering reports straight to email inboxes, safe from wild cups of coffee and bottomless filing cabinets.

3. Evidence Inspections Actually Happened

With paper forms, how do you know that an inspection actually took place? It’s easy to simply fill out a paper form and not even walk the floor.  Going mobile, it's easy to validate this:

  • Include photos of the room, creating additional visual evidence.

  • Automated time and date stamps from the start of inspection.

  • Secure time and date stamped PDF reports, ready for annual audits.


Ready to Save Time and Money with Mobile Apps?

A Rugged Data mobile app helps your team work smarter and eliminates the problems associated with paper inspections

With a simple switch Emma has saved time and effort  which has more than covered the cost of their investment in a mobile app. Rugged Data has given FJB hotels an easy-to-use mobile experience that allows Emma to focus on her core job, rather than spending time on administration.