Data capture and reporting made simple

The easiest way to digitise your PROCESSES


Are your processes out of control?

Are you drowning under a mountain of paperwork?

Are your reports taking too long to generate?

We can help you by converting your existing paper based processes into a custom Android data capture application which automatically creates great looking reports within seconds. And best of all, there’s almost no effort on your part. No complicated form designers to learn and no new tools to wrap your head around. We can fix your problems today.

 The easiest way to get a reporting app for your business

We have worked with Rugged data for one project and I can confirm they have been fantastic. Our engineers have had no issues and our clients have been much happier with the quality of our reports.
— Ron, Abbey Fire UK

 Any Process. Any Industry.

Here’s just a few of the problems we’ve solved so far

 The best data capture experience on Android

  • We’ve been building data capture apps since before smartphones even existed.

  • We understand the pressures of working in harsh environments.

  • We know how important your data is to your business.


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