Let Rugged Data analyse your existing business processes and paperwork to create your smart business app with integrated photos, markup, checklists, auditing tools, barcoding and NFC. We are not just another mobile form provider; we actively engage with your business to take your forms and processes to the next level. And there's no fiddling around with tricky online form designers - we take care of all of the background work for you.



We create intuitive business apps that help your team capture the data you need simply, consistently and quickly, wherever they are. Your business app is designed to be mobile first, that means it will be powerful, clean and very simple to use. Your app can support multiple tasks, forms, templates and business processes including audits, checklists, risk assessments, staff competence checks, site check in, visual equipment checks, client meeting records, competence based interviews and more.



Create efficiency and reduce your workload with automated and professional PDF reports that are ready to share inside and outside your organisation in near real time (subject to network availability).