Transform your operations without reinventing your business processes. Our Android apps are based on our own framework and can be entirely customised to your requirements. Data can be returned to your office via email or integrated with your existing business systems. Access and complete business forms offline in areas of no network coverage and automatically upload the data when connectivity is established.

Data Capture

Streamline your data challenges with the full functionality of an Android smartphone or tablet including voice, camera, video, location, barcoding, NFC and bluetooth. Your software can be integrated with other apps such as maps and navigation, or you can control and communicate with external hardware.


Device Management

We can help you manage mobile devices and technology securely within your organisation. Control which mobile devices can connect to your business data through device activation management. Reduce the risk of data loss or leakage through mobile security measures such as password and policy management, data encryption, remote device wipe, remote account wipe, device locking and device location.

Rugged Devices

We supply rugged and reliable Android devices that are built for business use in tough environments and offer protection against water immersion, dust ingress, drops and extreme temperatures. We also supply associated accessories including docking and charging cradles, additional batteries, laser barcode scanners, headsets, fixed and mobile printers, mobile payment and other data measuring devices.